Gene Simmons will ''keep going until he drops dead''.

The 68-year-old musician has vowed to continue with his music for as long as he can but admits he does think about death.

He said: ''In my 20s I never thought about death. Now, at 68, I do. But when you see the finishing line coming, you don't stop. Look at Jagger! Look at McCartney! If you stop, your heart starts to die. Lack of activity makes you die younger and badly. I'm going to keep going until I drop dead.''

And Gene doesn't believe there's any secret to long life, but rather says it is in the DNA as his mother is currently 92 years old.

He added: ''My mother is ninety-two. There's no secret to a long life I don't think, just DNA. Manson just died after a long life, perfectly healthy. Mugabe is ninety-two. Tom Petty dies in his 60s in America with the best healthcare in the world. Prince even younger.

''But you can do your best to look after yourself. Everything your mother said to you when you were young was right; eat lots of vegetables, get some sleep, don't hang out with losers.It's not cool, but she was right.''

And the Kiss singer is ''proud'' of still having his own hair.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''I'm proud of still having my own hair. It's messed up from years of bad hairspray and breathing fire onstage, but it's all mine. I'm grey, so I have to dye it, but it's mine. Sadly, as the years pass, and the less I have on my head, the more I have on my back and my ass, and in my nose.''