Gene Simmons says Miley Cyrus' tongue-wagging at the MTV Video Music Awards was ''okay'' for a ''girl's version''.

The Kiss legend - who himself is known for having a long tongue - has weighed in on the 'We Can't Stop' hitmaker's performance at the event last month.

Speaking to E! News, he said: ''It was okay ... But that's a girl's version.

''It's like girls' basketball. It's as good as girls can get at basketball. But you can't play with the guys.''

The outspoken musician defended her performance, which saw her dressed in a flesh-coloured bra and panties as she gyrated against singer Robin Thicke - and insisted it's no different to how stars have behaved in the past.

He added: ''Whether you stick out your tongue or shake your tushy, all the other girls are doing the same thing.

''Any girl whose name ends with an A - Madonna, Shakira, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, all these girls who sing pop songs through backing tracks like it's karaoke and gyrate all over the stage - if they can do it, why can't Miley?

''Either condemn the whole lot of them or leave her alone.''