Gene Simmons new show 'Family Jewels' made an explosive premiere on A&E Tv last night, with the Kiss frontman finally confronted about rumours of his "wandering eye", reports the New York Daily News. The new show saw 61-year-old Simmons attempt to explain a photograph featuring of him leaving a restaurant with two women.
Gene's long-time girlfriend Shannon Tweed became furious upon seeing the image, and threatened to leave the musician unless he sought counselling. Tweed screamed, "I'm sick of hearing it, I'm sick of seeing it, and I'm sick of looking at it... Gene, please don't play me for a fool". The couple had first begun arguing during an appearance on Monday's episode of 'The Today Show'. As scenes of the 'photograph' row were shown, the Kiss rocker denied knowing the women, with Tweed interrupting, "What he means is he didn't know their names..." She later described their relationship as having "pretty much unravelled" and said, "He's had a fling with many girls". Elsewhere on Tuesday's premiere, the couple's daughter Sophie got ready to leave for college.
Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed have lived together since 1985. They are parents to children Nicholas and Sophie, who both feature in 'Family Jewels'.