Gene Simmons' daughter has written a song for Rick Ross.

Sophie Simmons' Kiss rocker dad and her mother Shannon Lee Tweed forced her to learn how to play the piano when she was growing up, and despite her reluctance to practice the instrument her years of studying are paying off.

She is just about to release her debut EP and has been penning tracks for other artists, including 40-year-old rapper Rick Ross.

She told TMZ: ''Our parents forced us to take piano for nine years and learn any instrument we could just 'cause they wanted us to be able to have that skill if we ever wanted to go into music, and now it worked out because I'm writing songs for everyone.

''I'm working on my EP. I've been writing songs for people lately, like I just wrote a track for Rick Ross, which is hysterical.''

Sophie's rap revelation may come as a surprise to many, not least her father.

The 'God Gave Rock and Roll to You' hitmaker is famously not a fan of hip hop.

However, Sophie, 24, has always loved the genre, revealing: ''He doesn't get it 'cause he's just never understood hip hop or rap, but I grew up with it so that's what I've always listened to.''

Gene previously stated he was ''looking forward to the death of rap'' and he also had a Twitter spat with N.W.A MC Ice Cube after the 66-year-old rock icon disagreed with the hip hop group's induction into the Rock N' Roll Hall of fame.

Despite his low opinion of hip hop, Gene - who also has 27-year-old son Nick with Shannon - is very proud of his daughter's musical accomplishments.

He previously said: ''Shannon and I are so proud of Sophie. Besides her charm and beauty, she actually has the creative goods to be anything she wants to be. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.''