Gene Hackman's 1972 classic THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE has been crowned the best disaster movie of all time, beating out competition from special effects-strewn modern offerings.

The movie - which follows a group of survivors as they try to escape from a capsized liner - landed the top spot in the poll, conducted by British cinema chain UCI, to mark the forthcoming release of global warming disaster film THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

OSCAR-winning TITANIC, starring LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and Kate Winslet, followed in second place. Steve McQueen and Paul Newman's 1974 skyscraper frightener THE TOWERING INFERNO completed the top three.

AIRPORT, THE ABYSS, Independence Day, EARTHQUAKE, THE HINDENBURG, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER and TWISTER also landed a place in the list.

18/05/2004 21:02