Gene Hackman's portrayal of POPEYE DOYLE in The French Connection is the most honest cop film ever made, according to former Chicago, Illinois, policeman Dennis Farina.

The SAVING PRIVATE RYAN star gave up a career as a cop to become an actor, and admits he still watches police films and TV shows and judges them for their authenticity.

He says, "The French Connection is the best cop movie ever made and when we did GET SHORTY I did tell GENE HACKMAN that."

Farina regrets that most TV shows and films about the police fail to capture the humour among cops.

He adds, "Usually, on your days, you just go along, and there's nothing going down.

"My biggest complaint is they never capture the humour. I could not imagine going to work in that business... with so much on your mind all the time and you're always angry. You can't do it."

12/04/2004 08:58