Gemma Collins wants to change the face of plus-sized fashion.

'The Only Way Is Essex' star and womenswear designer has set her sights on helping British women feel more confident by designing clothes that empower them and celebrate their curves.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I'm passionate about helping plus-sized women who have low confidence and self esteem because I've been there myself, I've been really down about my weight.

''There's a lot of women I can reach out to. That's why I have so many bright colours in my collection because you should celebrate who you are as a person. I'm trying to bring hip clothing to the plus-sized market.''

The bubbly blonde has just launched her Spring/Summer 2014 Gemma Collins collection and hopes to encourage women to dare to wear more bold colours and prints.

Gemma explained: ''This is such a strong collection for me, instead of sticking with dresses I've introduced a lot more kaftans and shirts and tunics. I've done really lovely floral prints.

''This is where my collection is different; not everyone would think, 'We're going to stick lots of bright flowers a dress for bigger girls'. I want to put them in hot lines and neon colours.''

The 33-year-old star admits she gets emotional when women come up to her in the street wearing her designs.

She said: ''I can't tell you how exciting the clothing side of things is for me, so many women stop me in the street, in the supermarket or if I'm out having dinner. I'm seeing more and more women wearing my clothes.

''If I'm driving and I see someone in the street wearing my clothes I'll stop and wave and thank them. I get butterflies in my stomach and get really emotional, I have to hold back the tears.''

Gemma Collins' SS14 Collection is now available from