Gemma Chan wears three polo neck jumpers ''on rotation''.

The 33-year-old actress - who made her movie debut in 2010 when she was cast as Shin Shin in the World War Two production 'Shanghai' - has admitted her wardrobe staples are the knitted top and a pair of dungarees, and she would ''live'' in them if she could, although she has been wearing ''three'' different pairs of the winter jumper over and over.

Speaking to Stylist magazine about her style, the brunette beauty said: ''I'm not a planner. My style is pretty laid-back. Comfortable. I was going to say I'm a little bit ashamed of that, but actually you shouldn't be. You have to wear what makes you happy. I'd live in a polo neck and dungarees if I could - I've got three pairs on rotation currently.''

And Gemma - who competed on the UK version of 'Project Runway' in 2006 and has starred in modelling campaign for Selfridges - has admitted she wore some ''terrible things'' when she was growing up, although she has revealed she would still wear those garments now.

She explained: ''I wore some terrible things [when I was growing up]. I was a bit grungy as a teenager, I had a burgundy waistcoat I was obsessed with - actually I'd probably wear that now. I'd wear denim shorts with tights a lot.

''And I loved brown lipstick.''

Meanwhile, the 'Humans' star - who plays Anita/Mia in the television show - has hinted she isn't a hoarder of clothes and likes to do a ''big wardrobe clear out'' once in a while, but may keep hold of some items for her film or television roles.

She said: ''I try to do a big wardrobe clear out every couple of months, although I often think, 'I wouldn't wear that as me, but I might in character.'''