Gemma Arterton says she's a "punk rock star underneath that's dying to come out"

The British actress' roots are in rock music and she would love to bring out the "angsty" side of her more often.

She said: "I was in a band called Tourniquet. And a band before that, Violent Pink, when I was 12.

"We were angsty girl punks, I think that's my thing. I am a punk rock star underneath that's dying to come out."

The 'Tamara Drewe' star says she was born with a natural advantage for guitar playing, in that she had six digits on each hand. Although they were removed, she Still Remains "weirdly proud" of them.

Gemma added: "People are fascinated by it, which I understand. I'm proud of them, because it's my little oddity. It's my personal thing – it's also a sign of wisdom."

'Tamara Drewe' is in UK cinemas from Friday (10.09.10).