Gemma Arterton gets "nervous" dressing for the red carpet.

The 25-year-old actress says she isn't that concerned about what people think of her everyday attire but when it comes to high-profile events she feels the pressure to impress.

She explained: "I can get a bit nervous about what people will say about my outfit when it's a really big event, but under normal circumstances I don't really care.

"In my personal life I love experimenting with fashion, but I have luckily managed to separate my everyday life from my job, so I don't get scrutinised about what I'm wearing on a daily basis."

The stunning star also wishes she could be more adventurous when attending premieres and award ceremonies and would love to one day wear a suit on the red carpet. She told "Red carpet dressing is different, because it is all about that one pretty dress and it's often not very inventive. I have always wanted to wear a suit on the red carpet, but so far people have always talked me out of it.

"It's the politics of red carpet dressing! But one day I will. I just want to be comfortable, that's the most important thing to me."