Gemma Arterton based her 'Tamara Drewe' performance on a friend.

Despite previously saying she didn't like the character - based on the Posy Simmond's graphic novel of the same name - the British actress does confess she based her performance on someone she knows.

She said: "I take elements of my own life, things I can relate to. I also base my character on people I've met or seen out and about. Actually, Tamara Drewe is based on a friend of mine."

"She's probably seen it and said, 'I bet that's based on me!' She's so like that. Very much so."

The 24-year-old beauty also admits she often writes fake journals and diaries when she takes on a new character so she can truly inhibit their head space.

She told "With Tamara, I wrote a book, a good four chapters of her book, which was really, really helpful for me. I'm not a writer, but when I was writing Tamara, it was actually quite good! It was funny and sad at the same time.

"Usually I do that, write some kind of journal or something. That helps me immediately snap into it."