Gemma Arterton used to think her family was "odd".

The actress was slightly embarrassed of her home life when she was growing up because she came from a broken home and her "hippy" mother wasn't a conventional parent.

Gemma - whose parents Sally-Anne and Barry separated when she was five - said: "My home life was very dysfunctional. I remember thinking, 'God, my family is so odd.' My mum and dad split up when I was very young and I had lots of brothers and sisters and my mum had lots of boyfriends. She was a hippy and had loads of stuff from her travels. When I'd go to my friends' houses, they'd have B&Q wallpaper and we had drawings all over the wall. It's fabulous now but at the time I remember being embarrassed."

However, Gemma insists it was a very happy household and she hasn't been affected by her parents' split.

She said: "My best friend is going through a divorce now, but for years she's been putting it off because of her eight year old. I keep saying to her the best thing is to bring up a child in a loving household, even if that means divorce. I can vouch that he's not going to turn into some down-and-out kid. And when you're younger you just sort of live with it. Plus, you get two sets of Christmas presents!"