Gemma Arterton admits the opening love scene in 'The Escape' makes for uncomfortable viewing.

The 32-year-old actress stars alongside Dominic Cooper in the drama film and she's conceded that the opening scene - in which her character finds herself in the midst of emotional turmoil - can be awkward to watch.

Reflecting on the contrasting emotions of their characters, Gemma explained: ''There is no actual connection between them when they're making love. It's just him going at it, so I think it was quite shocking for Dominic when he actually saw the film because he saw my perspective and I saw his.''

Gemma feels some of the issues that are explored in the movie are especially timely in light of the MeToo movement.

Speaking to ThePool, she shared: ''Bedroom scenes like that are difficult to watch, but really significant. We're told that we can say no when it's being forced upon us in a violent way, but when it's in a marriage or a relationship, it's complicated.

''It's important to say, 'you don't have to feel obliged, you don't have to do this, you could say no.'''

Gemma said, too, that the movie is an exploration of Britain's ''buttoned up'' sensibility.

She reflected: ''There's something about where I'm from in Gravesend, where blokes don't talk about their emotions. It's a little bit like it's 20 years behind in an odd way. It's so close to London but it's much more traditional, a family and class thing.

''There's something quite buttoned up about that British sensibility, about not wanting to show weakness.''