Gemma Arterton wants to be a role model.

The British beauty is aware of choosing film roles that will set a good example for young girls and doesn't think she needs to flaunt her sex appeal in her underwear to do so.

She said: ''I always think about [the young girls in the audience] to the point where it's probably not helped me in terms of my career. There's a line where you have to say, 'this is a movie' - you can't always play characters who are good role models.

''You want to depict women in a certain way that's positive, though there will be times when you play a victim, a user or a villain. But I think, when you play the hero, you don't do it wearing a bra and knickers. Don't do that; that's not heroic. There's a different role for that.''

Despite an impressive string of films to her bow, the 27-year-old star insists she hardly ever gets recognised on the street and claims her secret to staying incognito is going about her business as usual.

Gemma explained to The Hunger magazine: ''If you're more unobtainable, that's when people are more interested in you. I guess it's a confidence thing. If you put yourself out there, live a normal life, and people see you all the time in London, they just think, 'Oh, her again'.''