Gemma Arterton was once told she needed to lose weight on a film set so producers flew a personal trainer out overnight to help her.

The former Bond girl admits it was a ''traumatic'' time in her life when she was told to get in shape while she was shooting an unnamed movie in Morocco, and couldn't believe bosses had rushed in someone to help her trim down.

She said: ''There was one film that I was on and we were out in Morocco and a couple of weeks went past and they literally were like, 'We need a personal trainer.'

''And they flew someone out overnight that gave up their whole life to be with me and be my personal trainer.

''You know when it's like, 'Is it that f***ing bad that I need an emergency' ... [it was as if they were] like on speed dial, 'Get that trainer out here now.'

''It was so traumatic at the time.''

The 31-year-old actress has also recalled one instance where she was filmed in the gym to make sure she was working out.

She said: ''They'd measure me and they'd call up the personal trainer at like nine and night going, 'Is she in the gym? And if she isn't, why isn't she in the gym?'

''And then they'd get me in the gym and film me in the gym and they'd have to know that I was there.''

One of the raven-haired star's most frustrating incidents of filming came when she was about to consume some healthy dried apricots and an ''obese'' producer questioned her eating habits.

Speaking on The Guilty Feminist podcast, she added: ''And there was one day when I went to get some snacks, they have like snacks on set, and I went to get some apricots, some dried apricots. And the man went, this big, fat, obese producer went, 'I hope you're not going to eat that.' ''

Gemma has previously claimed she has been ''bullied'' into getting fitter for a role because she is not as ''famous'' as some actresses.

She said: ''Unless you're really famous and successful, then they're going to bully you into going to the gym. It's a side of the industry that I find uncomfortable.''