Gemma Arterton sees her movies as an ''experiment''.

The 'Escape' actress views her career as a ''creative adventure'' and she's always on the lookout for ''complex'' characters to portray in order to see how far she can push herself.

She said: ''It is all about the complexities of a character.

''Every time I do a project now, it's a creative adventure, an experiment in seeing what I can do.''

Though Gemma does a lot of research for her roles, she knows ultimately her performance is down to something inside of her.

She explained in a recent interview: ''I can have all that technical information in my brain and yet in the end it's going to be something that comes through me.''

The 32-year-old actress has served as a producer on her last three movies and is keen to move into directing, and she loves being a supporter of ERA (Equal Representation for Actresses).

She said: ''It's what we are all striving for: making great parts for women and giving women directors and writers more voice.''

Gemma recently revealed that she felt ''inspired'' by her late grandmother, Helen, who took her own life eight years ago after feeling ''suffocated'' by domestic life, wile making 'The Escape'.

She said: ''My mother would be on set with me and say, 'You know this is your ­grandmother's story.' But it's a universal story about a woman who's fighting to breathe while being choked and escaping from her happy life.

''It's a fragile subject and very personal to me. There's so much of me in it, it really came from inside me and then shooting in Gravesend, it's like a mirror of what my life could have been had I never left maybe?''