Gemma Arterton feels ''so sorry'' for being ''really mean'' to her mum when she was younger.

The 27-year-old beauty - who has a sister three years her junior - still regrets being spiteful towards her mother, Sally, during her teenage years, but insists her mum wasn't a conventional parent.

She said: ''My mum isn't a typical mum. She's individual. At the moment, she's into clubbing. Last weekend, she went to Area [a superclub in London]. I haven't even been to Area!

''So when you're a kid you're like, 'You're so embarrassing. Why couldn't you just be like everyone else's mum and sit at home and drink tea?' And so we - me, especially - were really mean to mum in the teenage years. I think about it now and ... I'm just always so sorry about that.''

But Gemma also recalls positive occurrences throughout her childhood where she and her sister benefited from Sally's less ''typical'' parenthood.

She added to Britain's Marie Claire magazine: ''We would always be painting or doing crafty things with mum, and she's inspired us to be musical.

''My uncle is close to my age and we used to get the guitars out and sit around for hours jamming. We did it again recently.

''He's moved to New Zealand and mum and I went to visit him. Now we've got this video of us doing David Bowie - he's on the piano, mum's singing and I'm on the guitar. I'm like, 'Ah, it's like when I was little.' ''