Gemma Arterton once punched a man when he groped her inappropriately.

The 'Runner Runner' actress isn't ashamed to admit she socked a leery stranger in the face when he grabbed her bottom as she feels everyday sexism is completely unacceptable in this day and age.

Gemma told Stylist magazine: ''I've had [sexism] before; everyone's had it. Someone put their hand up my bum one time. He went to squeeze my a**e but his hand went right up there and I ended up decking him. I know it shouldn't have resulted in violence but it's not acceptable.''

The British beauty claims she has never been happier, despite her short-lived marriage to Italian businessman Stefano Catelli ending in February this year, and she is hopeful she can find love again.

She joked: ''Mum said to me the other day, 'Darling, you're going to be like Elizabeth Taylor and have hundreds of husbands', and I said, 'Oh well - that's just the way it's gonna be.' But you know, obviously no-one gets married to get divorced, that's just life. It's the way it is.''

Gemma, 27, thinks meeting a new man online or on a drunken night out is the way forward, but she's too nervous to give it a go.

She said: ''I would love to do online dating just for the laugh, just to see ... but obviously I can't do that. It's tricky. It's not like you can just go down the pub and pull someone.

''I mean you can totally do that, but I am a little bit more nervous, more guarded. That's OK. I'm not in that zone yet.''