Gemma Arterton is an "annoying" drunk.

The 'Clash of the Titans' actress has banned herself from consuming alcohol because she is a natural extrovert and doesn't need booze to make her more outgoing.

She told The Scotsman website: "I don't drink. I don't really like myself when I'm p***ed. I'm really annoying because I act like I'm pretty p***ed all the time, just in general life. And people catch up to me when they drink."

Her outgoing nature extends to her work, and the British actress is seen naked in upcoming film 'The Disappearance of Alice Creed'.

Gemma was comfortable taking her clothes off in front of the cameras, although she admits she will only strip on screen if it is crucial to the part, unlike some Hollywood actresses.

She said: "If it's relevant I don't really mind it. It's not like I'm going, 'Let's get my kit off.'

"When my character p***es in the bucket, that was the worst thing to film. It was degrading for everyone. But that had to happen. I didn't really pee, though.

"But I wouldn't just get my kit off for no reason, like Halle Berry in 'Swordfish'. I know she got paid a lot of money for it, but still."

While 24-year-old Gemma is disdainful about Halle, she is full of praise for 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' actress Keira Knightley - for not being "a w****r".

She added: "Keira, she's the same age as me, she's just like another girl.

"She shows that you can do all those films, be that successful, and you don't have to be a w***er. And if you are a w***er, you won't get to that level because people won't want to work with you."