British actress Gemma Arterton discovered she's got a promising career as a writer ahead of her while penning her character's journal for TAMARA DREWE.
In order to get into the mind of her character, the former Bond girl scribbled down Drewe's back story - and the film's screenwriter Moira Buffini was suitably impressed.
Arterton says, "I would write a little journal just to get into her thought pattern and then you start thinking like the character.
"I've never had the confidence to write but I've always admired writers... but with Tamara, I started writing a back story and it was really funny and I showed it to Moira Buffini, who wrote the screenplay and she said, 'This is really good.'
"Maybe that's because I'm writing as the character; if I was writing about my own life it would be as dull as dishwater. As Tamara, it was sassy and sparky. Maybe that's what I should do - be different characters each day and dress up. I maybe on to a winner."