British actress Gemma Arterton's terror in new film THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ALICE CREED was for real - her co-star EDDIE MARSEN has accidentally punched her in the face during one violent scene and she was afraid he'd make contact again.
The Clash of the Titans star plays a kidnapped millionaire's daughter in the film and spent much of the shoot bound to a bed, her character fearing her captors would kill her.
But she didn't need to be told to look terrified in one scene - she was.
Arterton tells Nylon Guys magazine, "Eddie was sitting on top of me, fists flailing... and then Eddie punched me, actually made contact. He bloodied my nose. If I looked terrified after that, it's because I was. It hurt."
And the fear lasted through the reshoot: "I was really scared he would hit me again, by accident of course. Eddie is a lovely man. He doesn't like hitting women in real life."