British actress Gemma Arterton has laughed off "ridiculous" reports suggesting she underwent corrective surgery on her crumpled ear when she was a baby.
The former Bond girl and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time star can't believe how rumours get picked up and become fact - and she'd like to put one the rest in an effort to stop journalists asking her stupid questions.
She tells WENN, "Apparently I was born with imperfections and had surgery on my ear. I have never had surgery on my ear. That's all not true but people like to make stuff up."
And the pretty Brit, who plays a character with a new nose in Tamara Drew, insists she'd never go under the knife to fix an imperfection.
She adds, "I've always been an advocate for imperfection. I think imperfection is beautiful; it's something that's not been as celebrated as years ago when people used to have things that weren't perfect and that was beautiful."