The actress is standing alongside the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Sienna Miller, Patricia Arquette and others who have publicly tackled the inequality issue in Tinseltown this year (15), and she's hoping their comments at award shows, red carpets and on social media will help give women's rights a huge boost in places of power.

"It's great that my colleagues are speaking out about this and it's a hot topic and there's so many articles about it and attention on it," Davis tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live.

"I think what's gonna help a lot is this attention and also what Bradley Cooper did by announcing he's gonna tell his female co-stars what he earns so they can negotiate with that. We need other guys doing that.

"It's the one area of inequality that can change overnight. We can't snap our fingers and Congress is suddenly half women, women are suddenly getting equal pay, but the very next movie somebody makes... It's that easy and quick. We don't have to wait decades for the change to happen, we can make the future happen onscreen and then life will imitate art."

And Davis is also urging Hollywood to make more movies about powerful girls and women, because they help youngsters see what's possible.

The A League of Their Own star, who is a former archery champion, reveals the success of films like Brave and The Hunger Games has led to a spike in the numbers of young women taking up the sport.

"Brave and The Hunger Games came out in the same year, 2012, and the percentage of girls going into archery now has skyrocketed," she explains. "It's because if you see something, you say, 'Wow, that's cool. I could do that!' We're not showing girls enough interesting things to do."