Hollywood actress Geena Davis is facing disruption on the set of her new movie - residents in an upmarket Sydney, Australia suburb have launched a campaign to stop the crew filming in the area.
The Thelma + Louise star is currently shooting Accidents Happen in the Australian city but members of the production team have upset locals with their plans to film scenes during the early hours of the morning.
People living in the St Ives area have complained that members of the movie crew offered residents bribes in a bid to win them over.
And now local people have taken their concerns to the local council - signing a petition for the moviemakers to be banned from filming anywhere near their properties.
Resident Guy Yeomans is spearheading the campaign. He says, "(It will be) a major and totally unacceptable disruption.
"There will be 50 crew, generators, lights, emergency vehicles, actors, directors shouting, and then the revving of cars and trucks and slamming doors as they leave.
"At first they wanted to film until 3am and then they offered a compromise, with a few hundred dollars to residents to buy them off.
"We expect the council to look after the rights of its residents and not those of a commercial organisation."