The former The Wire star tells WENN he's planning to catch the first plane to Nigeria, where his parents come from, if the property developer-turned-politician beats Hillary Clinton at the polls.

"I've got my passport ready to go!" he says. "The fact that he even got this close makes me want to leave the country. I'm insulted.

"If I told you 10 years ago Donald Trump was gonna be one of two people who were definitely gonna be president you would've laughed in my face and called the police to take me away!"

Gbenga, who plays a secret service agent committed to the security of the fictional president in the Independence Day sequel, abandoned his own dream of becoming U.S. leader years ago after working for the federal government as a college student.

He took a low-level government job while he was a student at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, hoping the gig would help kickstart his political ambitions.

However, Gbenga only found incompetence and madness.

"I learned a lot in that very short time," he adds. "I worked for the federal government because I was interested in maybe one day becoming president.

"But that year in Washington changed me. I thought, 'These people are crazy; I'm leaving. I don't want to be president! These people are mad'. It's nothing like you saw on TV! I've always been interested in how people organise themselves to live, and that's what a nation is. To me the power of a citizen is when you realise you can change the way your country looks around you.

"Unfortunately that's not how governments want their citizens to think, but it is what a citizen can do."