British rocker Gavin Rossdale credits his wife Gwen Stefani with saving him from becoming a redhead David Bowie clone.

The Bush frontman tried to style himself on the Ziggy Stardust rocker about a decade ago - but once he met Stefani, he decided to put his attempts to rest.

He says, "I did go through a three-month spell of wanting to be David Bowie. I dyed my hair red. But it's high maintenance, that stuff.

"We weren't together when Gwen went for shocking-pink hair. But when we met up, or hair clashed so badly. So that was it. I felt like, 'I'm done with this.'

"God bless Gwen. She has saved me in many ways. That's just one of them."

While Rossdale is now comfortable in his own style, he does admit to admiring the fashion sense of other celebrities.

He adds, "Johnny Depp is always pretty flawless. He wears those boots that seem to reflect his journey in life; his style has gone hand in hand with his intellect and his spirit. I love Bob Marley's look too."

18/01/2005 09:14