Friends have set Gavin Rossdale up with Elin Nordegren.

The Bush frontman has been exchanging text messages with Tiger Woods' former wife, after pals insisted the pair would make the perfect couple.

Gavin, 51, told The Sun: ''A friend was, like, 'You have to meet Elin. She's amazing.' He was trying to connect us.

''So I texted her a couple of times to say hello. She lives in Florida. She's a really great girl. But I've never met her.''

However, Gavin - who has sons Kingston, 10, Zuma, eight, and Apollo, three with his former wife Gwen Stefani - admitted he is worried that his chaotic life could put her off.

He explained: ''I look at my boys running around the house with Nerf guns and throwing footballs and think, 'How would anyone survive?'

''I'd be like, 'Oh, sorry about that - someone's just sat on your sunglasses'.

''And for these last two years, not to be with anyone, it's been really healthy for me.''

Gavin recently admitted that although his divorce caused him ''a lot of pain and sadness'', he feels it has given his life a new perspective too.

He said: ''We're all products of nuclear families. My parents have been married three times each. I'm just a junior. I never thought I would get divorced. But it just happens. All these life things ...

''Who knew that was possible? There's been a lot of pain and sadness. It really teaches you perspective on life. It's really health, happiness and safety. After that, I don't know what there is other than that.

''I'm not sure I'll ever go at it [marriage] again. I'm trying to be a really good dad and make good records and shoot good TV shows.''