Despite enjoying unprecedented success at the global box office, the director of The Hunger Games, Gary Ross, may not be on board for the next instalment in the franchise, as he has currently only signed on for one movie. Unlike the movie's star actors and actresses, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, Ross only signed a deal for the first of The Hunger Games films and according to insiders, his contract negotiations were "a terrible experience" reports the Hollywood Reporter.
The report explains that Ross - who had previously directed Pleasantville and Seabiscuit - was paid a "relatively low" $3 million to co-write and direct the movie, though he will also collect "a very remunerative 5 per cent of backend" profits. It is thought that Gary Ross will be expecting a significant increase in initial outlay, if he is to be kept on for a second instalment. Lionsgate are apparently in a rush to start the next film and have a script by Simon Beaufoy, which Ross has yet to cast his eye over and revise. They have booked a November 2013 release for the film, though negotiations with Ross seem to be far from complete. A source is quoted as saying "Ultimately, it will be difficult, and yet everybody will do the sane thing, which is to work it out.Everybody will end up unhappy in their own way. It's just the nature of the beast."
The Hunger Games managed to break box office records in its opening weekend. It grossed over $95 million in the USA alone in its first weekend and became the best selling non-sequel in cinematic history.