The Oscars are sure to be the focal point of many a conversation this weekend. However this will primarily be down to the fact that many British actors are tipped for success at the Oscars tomorrow night (26 Feb 2012).

British hopefuls have already been talking about how excited they are, with more than 15 nominees including Gary Oldman and Kenneth Branagh attending a reception in Los Angeles last night which was hosted by Culture Secretary JEREMY HUNT and British Consul General Dame BARBARA HAY. According to BBC News, Oldman, who is a first-time nominee for best actor in 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy', stated: 'The Oscars are always something that I've watched from my sofa. I'm thrilled that I'm in a year when Meryl Streep is nominated and Billy Crystal is hosting. I'm more chuffed about that - that Billy Crystal is doing it. It's been wonderful. People love you everywhere you go - they give you free stuff. There's nothing more obscene than watching rich people walk away with all their free stuff.' Meanwhile, Branagh who plays Laurence Olivier in 'My Week with Marilyn' also was at the reception, stating: 'I'm relieved and delighted that people feel we did a good job with somebody whom I revered and respected, and who inspired much of what I've done.'

The winners will be announced at the ceremony Oscars tomorrow night.