British actor Gary Oldman has emerged victorious from a custody battle with ex-wife DONYA FIORENTINO over their two sons.

The LOST IN SPACE star was hauled before the court when Fiorentino charged that he was an unfit father to GULLIVER, 5, and CHARLIE, 4.

But Judge ROY PAUL was left unconvinced by her allegations that Oldman had returned to alcoholism and had hit Charlie and burned him with a cigarette.

He told weeping Fiorentino, "I didn't want to bring this up, but you overdosed in front of your seven-year old daughter, who saved your life.

"You've been absent psychologically for a long have a lot to learn."

He went on to half her visits to the children from every week to every fortnight.

Oldman's laywer GARY FISHBEIN says, "I think Gary will be satisfied by the result."

29/07/2003 02:34