Family man Gary Oldman risked halting his entire movie career in a battle to win custody of his children.

The British actor snubbed Hollywood work offers in order to devote his life to resolving the painful issue.

Oldman was finally granted responsibility for GULLIVER, seven, and CHARLIE, six, in 2003 when his drug addict former wife DONYA FIORENTINO was deemed unsuitable.

He says, "I've not worked as much. I put the career aside. I had what you might call a domestic derailment.

"It floored me emotionally and financially. The kids became my project. My obsession."

And the 47-year-old HARRY POTTER star is now only taking film roles which fit around family life.

He says, "The (Harry Potter movie) PRISONER OF AZKABAN happened over the summer (03) so I didn't have to disrupt school.

"It's about how family friendly a production is, not the size of the trailer or the perks."

08/06/2005 13:36