Gary Oldman literally shook Daniel Radcliffe up for one emotional scene in new film Harry Potter + THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX - so the teenage actor's sobbing would be for real. Radcliffe reveals the Batman Begins star asked if he could "get physical" with him to prepare him for a scene in which Potter hears of the death of his mentor Sirius Black, played by Oldman. The young star recalls, "We'd been doing a few takes, we'd been going at it for about two hours we were probably doing the scene and then he said to me, 'Dan, do you mind if I do something a little bit more physical with you this time?' "I sort of said, 'Yeah, fine,' thinking maybe he was gonna give me a hug or something like that. But actually he took me by the shoulders and shook me incredibly hard for about 30 seconds and shouted at me. "The bizarre phenomenon is you sort of regress very quickly into this childlike state and I just started crying... I think it really worked for the scene."