Reformed womaniser Gary Oldman gave Daniel Radcliffe tips on how to woo the ladies when they worked together on the Harry Potter films.
The veteran actor, who played Sirius Black in the wizard movie franchise, often shared father-and-son style chats with the teenage Radcliffe on set.
And he's revealed the youngster once asked for advice on how to charm women when he was nervous about a big date.
Oldman tells Britain's Live magazine, "Daniel's a lovely lad. When we did (Harry Potter and) the Prisoner of Azkaban he said to me, 'I'm going away for the weekend. I'm going to this girl's house and I really like her.' It might have been his first real girlfriend.
"He was sleeping over; obviously her parents were there, but Daniel said, 'I'm quite excited. Have you got any advice?'. He was 13 or so - we still laugh about that. I saw him about a year ago and we had a cup of tea together."