Pop star Gary Numan has a bizarre way of warding off burglars - his house is 'guarded' by a stuffed wolf.
The '80s icon is no fan of taxidermy but he purchased a dead animal in the U.S. after he saw children disrespectfully clambering all over it.
Numan transported the grey-and-white beast to his home in England, and he now keeps the stuffed animal at the foot of his staircase to scare off would-be intruders.
The Cars hitmaker tells Telegraph magazine, "I don't approve of hunting animals and selling them as trophies so it was hypocritical of me to buy this stuffed wolf. But I saw it outside a souvenir shop at Anchorage airport in Alaska on my way back from a tour of America in the early 1980s, and some kids were hanging off its neck.
"I decided I could give him a better resting place. I lived in a different house then, with a massive front room, and my intention was to paint an Alaskan skyline on one wall and put the wolf in front on a raised platform. I never did that and now we use him as a burglar deterrent - he sits at the bottom of the stairs."