Gary Kemp has appealed to his former Spandau Ballet bandmate Tony Hadley to forget about their troubled past and go for a beer together.

Kemp wrote all of the GOLD band's hits but was taken to court in 1999 by group members Hadley, STEVE NORMAN and JOHN KEEBLE in a royalties dispute.

And although Kemp, whose brother MARTIN was also in Spandau Ballet, had his request to reform the band for Live 8 turned down by Hadley earlier this month (JUL05), he remains optimistic that one day they'll play together again.

He says, "Tony sings my songs on his solo tours and good luck to him. But he'd be able to sing them to more people if we all got back together.

"Spandau are constantly on the radio and our songs have been used in movie soundtracks.

"I know if Spandau toured we'd be huge again. I'd love to sit down and have a chat with Tony. I hate having enemies.

"Even if he never wanted to do it again it would be nice to have a beer with a guy who's been very important in my life."

31/07/2005 02:22