American singer Gary Jules is especially proud of having the number one Christmas single in Britain - because there was no money spent on promoting it.

Jules' cover of TEARS FOR FEARS' MAD WORLD with Michael Andrews originally featured in 2001 film DONNIE DARKO - but was released as a single only after becoming increasingly requested on British radio shows.

And American Jules is particularly proud that the song rose to the top by world of mouth, instead of a massive marketing campaign.

He explains, "A lot of people are really pleased that such a simple song without all the hype can make it that far.

"What also makes it the best Christmas present ever is that there was no money behind it but people continued to push for it anyway.

"People in Britain were really rooting for us. They would come up to us and say how pleased they were that there wasn't to be another c**p number one this Christmas."

Jules adds that he's anxious to meet up with Tears For Fears' CURT SMITH and ROLAND ORZABAL to thank them.

He says, "I was desperate to get in touch with them. I didn't want them to dislike the single.

"Then someone sent me an email with a link that said Roland liked out version better than his. That was really cool.

"When it got to number one I emailed him to congratulate him. We are planning to meet for a beer.

24/12/2003 13:11