Shamed Glam rocker Gary Glitter has failed to turn around a travel ban imposed on him by U.K. authorities.
The singer was forced to sign Britain's Sex Offenders register upon his return to his native U.K. in 2008 after serving three years in a Vietnamese prison for sexual assault on two young girls.
He applied for permission to holiday in France, but the move was opposed by London's Metropolitan Police who believe he could disappear across the border into Spain.
Officials asked for a judge to impose a travel restriction on the disgraced rocker, insisting he would be "unable to help himself" when near children.
Judge Timothy Workman at Westminster Magistrates court in the British capital agreed on Wednesday (23Sep09), and granted an order to stop Glitter - real name Paul Gadd - from travelling abroad, stating it was a necessary precaution to ensure children were protected from "serious sexual harm".
Judge Workman said, "Whilst his desire to leave the U.K. may have reduced in the last year he has made it clear it was his intention to leave the U.K. permanently.
"If he were to do so, not having had any treatment, there would be a substantial risk that he would avoid sexual monitoring regimes and could move easily and without detection around the EU.
"Visiting France near the Spanish border, away from the monitoring regime and possibly the intrusive press interest, could prove a very powerful incentive not to return."
The ban will stop Glitter from travelling within the European Union for the next six months.