LATEST: The families of the children abused by disgraced rocker Gary Glitter have criticised a court's decision to allow the star early release from a Vietnam jail. Glitter - born Paul Francis Gadd - was convicted of committing obscene acts with children last March (06), and was jailed until November 2008. But a ruling this month (FEB07) will reportedly see the star released three months earlier in August 2008. TRAN THI PU YEN, mother of one of Glitter's victims, is outraged by the decision. She says, "I am shocked that they are letting him out of prison early. Why didn't they ask us what we thought about it? "He is an animal. No child is safe with that man around." The 62-year-old's shortened jail term is the result of Vietnam's annual jail amnesty, which see inmates being rewarded for good behaviour with a reduction of their sentence.