Gary Glitter's children have vowed to support him during his child molestation trial.

The 1970s glam rocker, 61, is currently being held in a Vietnamese prison after being charged with child molestation last month (25NOV05).

But his estranged children, PAUL and SARAH, both in their 40s, have written a letter to comfort and console the former star.

LIEUTENANT COLONEL NGUYEN DUC TRINH, who read the letter for security reasons, says, "The daughter wrote for both of them, telling their father that they'd read that he was in prison and asking what the conditions were like and how he was coping.

"They told him to take care of himself and that everything will be all right.

"And they ended by signing it and saying they loved him."

Glitter, real name Paul Francis Gadd, faces up to 12 years if found guilty.