LATEST: Disgraced pop star Gary Glitter is urging British courts to overturn his conviction for child abuse in Vietnam.
The glam rock veteran - real name Paul Gadd - finally returned to the U.K. after spending two days at Bangkok airport, Thailand, trying to avoid being sent home.
He was released from prison on Tuesday (19Aug08) after serving three years for child sex abuse.
He remained in holding at London's Heathrow Airport upon arrival in Britain on Thursday morning (22Aug08) - while his lawyer attended Uxbridge Magistrates Court in west London to be told that Gadd must sign the Sex Offenders Register.
After the case, the attorney told reporters Gadd is continuing to protest his innocence over his convictions for sexually assaulting two girls aged nine and 11 - and is hoping for the British legal system to come to his aid.
The solicitor said: "Mr Gadd says his trial in Vietnam was a charade and a travesty of justice. He never got a fair trial.
"This morning was an opportunity for him to come before an English court and English justice for the first time and make these points.
"Unfortunately, the court did not agree to my submission that the court should hear about the unfairness of his treatment at the hands of the Vietnamese justice system.
"Mr Gadd wants through me to say to you that he did not commit the offences of which he was convicted in Vietnam. It was a show trial and he had no opportunity to put his case forward."
The solicitor said Gadd will "oblige" with the order to sign the Sex Offenders Register.