LATEST: Disgraced British rocker Gary Glitter is to make a final plea today (17JUN06) in a desperate bid to stay out of a tough Vietnamese prison. The glam rocker, real name Paul Francis Gadd, lost his appeal against child molestation charges at Ho Chi Minh City court on Thursday (15JUN06). Following the judge's decision, Glitter screamed across the court, "No justice here in Vietnam. They did not listen to the defence at all. I'm innocent." In a last attempt, the singer will ask the chairman of Vietnam's Supreme Court to intervene in his child abuse case, writes British newspaper The Sun. If this fails, Glitter will be locked up at the notorious Xuyen Moc labour camp - he is currently staying in a comparatively comfortable remand centre. Glitter's lawyer THANH KINH describes Xuyen Moc prison as a hell-hole. He says, "You wish you had never been born. Even the cockroaches get a hard time. "Working the fields is a treat. It gets you away from your stinking cell." In March (06), Glitter was convicted of molesting two girls aged 11 and 12. His three year sentence takes affect from 19 November 2005, when the singer was arrested trying to flee Vietnam. However he may be eligible for parole in December (06).