Convicted child sex offender Gary Glitter is set to return to the UK and make a television comeback after release from a Vietnamese jail, his lawyer announced yesterday (30SEP06). Glitter, who was found guilty in a Vietnamese court of sexually assaulting two local young girls aged 10 and 11 in March (06), has served only six months of his three-year sentence. However he is due to be released on parole next month (NOV06), and is desperate to come home. And his lawyer GIOVANNI DI STEFANO is determined to bring the shamed star back to the small screen, as he is in negotiations to buy the rights to now defunct British music chart show, Top Of The Pops. He confirms, "(Glitter) wants to come back because he misses his home and just wants to put the hell of jail behind him. "For the purposes of my show, I have no problem with Gary Glitter coming on if (he has) artistic musical value. "I do not care if the devil incarnate appears on the show, providing there is an artistic element."