Shamed pop star Gary Glitter is to receive a $156,000 (GBP100,000) pay cheque from computer giant Hewlett Packard after bosses chose to use his song DO YOU WANNA TOUCH ME in a new TV advertising campaign.
The singer, real name Paul Gadd, was recently released from a prison in Vietnam, where he served nearly three years for sexually assaulting two girls aged nine and 11.
He has since been deported back to his native Britain - but is in line to receive the cash sum from Hewlett Packard chiefs over the use of the 1972 track to promote a new touch-screen model.
The adverts actually feature the 1982 cover by Joan Jett, but Glitter is set to get the money in royalties.
However, the deal has angered child protection organisations in the U.S.
A spokesperson for Child says, "It shows a distinct lack of sensitivity."