Disgraced pop star Gary Glitter will launch a musical comeback as soon as his ailing health is restored, his lawyer has confirmed.
The 64-year-old singer - real name Paul Gadd - is due to be released from a prison in southern Vietnam on Tuesday (19Aug08), where he served a three-year sentence after being convicted on child sex offences following his arrest in November 2005.
Earlier this year, the pop singer was transferred to a Vietnamese hospital after suffering from diarrhoea and an irregular heartbeat - following initial reports he suffered a heart attack.
His lawyer Le Thanh Kinh says: "The first thing that he will do when he returns home is to focus on his health, since he is fairly old," noting that he has "little hearing problem".
But Kinh adds that once Gadd's health is restored, the Leader of the Gang singer expects to "pursue his unfinished work".
In recent interviews conducted from his prison cell, Glitter had said he hoped to move to Singapore or Hong Kong after his release, and to start recording music again.
But in a statement issued by Gadd's lawyer on Thursday (14Aug08), the star is expected to be deported to his native Britain upon his release.