LATEST: Disgraced pop star Gary Glitter is expected back in Britain Thursday morning (22Aug08) after officials in Thailand allegedly lost patience with him.
The glam rock veteran - real name Paul Gadd - was released from prison in Vietnam on Tuesday (19Aug08) after serving nearly three years for sexually assaulting two girls aged nine and 11.
He was meant to have subsequently been deported to his native U.K. - but has been staying at Bangkok airport in Thailand after claiming he felt ill during a stopover.
The star has since tried to wriggle out of returning to Britain, fearing he will be subjected to a Foreign Travel Order which would ban him from going overseas.
He then took a flight to Hong Kong on Wednesday (20Aug08) night - but was refused entry and had to return to Thailand.
Now police and immigration officials in Bangkok have ordered that Gadd must board a plane bound for the U.K. on Thursday evening (21Aug08).
A source tells WENN: "The whole case has become a circus and the Thai authorities are sick of it. They feel Glitter is making them look ineffectual in front of the world's press and they aren't taking it any more.
"We are expecting them to put him on the Thai Airlines flight which gets in to London's Heathrow Airport at 7.15am tomorrow."