Disgraced British rocker Gary Glitter has been found guilty of sexually abusing two young girls and jailed for three years by a Vietnamese court. After a two day trial in Vung Tau, a jury of two concluded the seventies star had molested the 11 and 12 year old girls. He was also fined five million Vietnamese Dong ($315/GBP180), which will go to his victims' families. The judge, HOANG THANH TUNG, told the court, "His lewd acts have compromised the dignity of the Vietnamese people, law and common sense, and therefore it is necessary to punish him." After the verdict Glitter - real name PAUL GADD - proclaimed his innocence, declaring the result "unbelievable", and blaming it on a conspiracy by the British press. He could be released before the end of the year - he is eligible for parole after a year in prison, which includes the four months he has spent in custody awaiting trial. But the star awaits further investigation back in Britain, where he will be deported to on his release, over child porn images found on his computer. He was convicted on child porn charges in the UK in 1999 and served two months of a four month prison sentence.