LATEST: A 12-year-old alleged victim of Gary Glitter has dubbed the 1970s rocker a "monster", claiming he knew she was just a child.

Vietnamese youngster Tran Thi Thao Nguyen claims Glitter - real name PAUL FRANCIS GADD - plied her with alcohol and drugs before having sex with her, after she was recruited by his 18-year-old lover.

The 61-year-old claims he believed all the girls he was involved with were over 20.

But Nguyen tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "That man's a monster. No girl is safe near him. I was a virgin until he did what he did.

"He's a liar. I tried to tell him in English how old I was. But I got it wrong. I said, 'My name is 12.'

"But I don't believe he ever thought I was older."

Sex with a child under 13 in Vietnam is classed as child rape and punishable with a death sentence.