LATEST: Pop paedophile Gary Glitter is to be held by police for a further six days - despite the star's vehement denial that he had underage sex with two girls in Vietnam.

Detectives say they have "sufficient proof" that allegations about the convicted sex offender are true, and plan to keep him detained until next week (begs28NOV05).

Glitter reportedly fled his beachside residence in Vung Tao last week (begs14NOV05) where he was alleged to be living with the two girls. He was arrested on Saturday (19NOV05) at Ho Chi Minh City airport as he attempted to board a flight to Bangkok, Thailand.

But the singer, real name Paul Gadd, denies any wrongdoing, reportedly insisting he only wanted to help the girls, one aged 12, "learn to speak English."

If convicted, Glitter could face the death penalty for child rape. A lesser charge of "obscene acts with a child" would see him serving a jail sentence of up to 12 years.