The disgraced pop star Gary Glitter could be in-line for a UK comeback, if posts on a new account on micro-blogging website Twitter are to be believed. An 'OfficalGlitter' account emerged on Wednesday afternoon (18 January 2012), quickly sending the singer's name to the top of the trending list while alerting numerous intrigued celebrities.
The 1980's Glam-Rock star was convicted of possession of child pornography in 1999 and served four months in a Vietnamese prison. He was later convicted of child sex abuse offences and jailed again. This afternoon, someone posting on the account wrote, "Still trending at 1. Putting the past behind and focus on the music. Also penning "Through the eyes of Gary Glitter" autobiog. details soon". Numerous followers queried whether the account was real, with some pointing out that it was unverified, but 'Gary' replied, saying, "Yes, this is the official Gary Glitter acoount. Updated by me personally. I'm in the process of getting it 'verfied', but it is very much me". Just minutes after creating the account, the person behind it found themselves in an online tussle with comedian Frankie Boyle, who eventually conceded, "Ignore the haters. Rose West is getting a similarly hard time on Mumsnet". Controversial Queens Park Rangers footballer and prolific tweeter Joey Barton said, "Gary Glitter on twitter? Is that true? Surely that's like giving an arsonist a box of matches and a can full of petrol?". Recent posts from the account include an announcement about new material and possible live dates, which read, "Tour/album/book all planned. might release some sneek peeks here over the weekend".
Glitter, now 67, had originally planned a comeback tour in 2001 but the shows never went ahead. He is said to have recorded a new album in Cuba, inspired by his time in prison, according to the UK's Daily Mail.