CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION star Gary Dourdan insists Hollywood celebrities react badly in front of video camera-wielding paparazzi - because they're terrified of them. The actor was involved in a fracas with one cameraman earlier this year (07) when he forcibly tried to stop the guy from shooting him as he left a Hollywood restaurant. The paparazzo later pressed charges against Dourdan, claiming he'd pushed the camera he was holding into his face. The actor has denied the charges, insisting he merely pushed the camera away. He tells America's TV Guide magazine, "I just tried to turn his camera off. The video guys are getting to be a problem. They tape everything you're doing. "It's like, 'Wait a minute, You're invading my private space. Stop following me and taping my private conversations with my friends. My license plate. Everything.' "You start to feel like you're being violated. And I'm not alone. A lot of (stars) have had problems with video camera guys. It's scary."